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Scholarship Repository Take Down Policy

Date of Last Review: March 18, 2022

Takedown Requests from Copyright Holders:

The administrators of the Scholarship Repository of Florida Institute of Technology have diligently endeavored to make accessible only that content for which we have clear legal grounds to do so.  All materials appearing in this institutional repository are here because its administrators believe we have the right to make these documents available, either with Florida Tech or its affiliated authors as owners of the inherent copyright or with non-affiliated copyright holders granting Florida Tech the right to post the version of the documents found here. 

If you believe you have found on this site material for which you own copyright and you believe that our representation of that material here goes beyond fair use or any licensing, you may request that we take down the document which you claim to be infringing on your copyright.  In such cases, please email the administrators and your case will be reviewed in consultation with relevant stakeholders, such as the Office of Graduate Programs when theses and dissertations are concerned. 

In your email, please include your full name and contact information as you identify the precise document on our site which you allege to be infringing on your copyright but also any external bibliographic reference to the existence of that original elsewhere, if possible.  We will investigate all cases and respond in a timely manner. 

Any cases determined to be valid for the review process will result in the item in question being suspended from public view at least for the period of review.  Post-review, our strong preference would be that any changes to the status of retained documents as revised versions will be recorded in each item’s metadata record if it is not reinstated as status quo ante.

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