Evans Library


Evans Library engages the Florida Tech community in its pursuit of knowledge by advancing virtual and physical access to data and information, providing its students, faculty and staff with personal attention, expertise and services.

The Library faculty and staff creatively collaborate with students and faculty in the exploration and evaluation of the full spectrum of information resources, fostering faculty research and developing students’ skills and competencies, to guide their journey through lifelong learning and innovative scholarship.

The Library serves as a platform for learning, innovation and digital scholarship, and is committed to developing forward-thinking services, programs, space, strategies and systems that promote discovery, dialogue, learning and nourishment of the human spirit.

Vision Statement

To be the preeminent high-tech center of learning, information and culture with the ultimate human touch.

Mission Statement

The mission of Evans Library is to enable our students and faculty to positively influence the society in which they live by creating an exceptional learning and discovery environment. The Library will enhance their support by creating and sustaining an intuitive and trusted information environment in a culturally and technologically superior setting. Evans Library is committed to developing innovative services, programs, spaces, strategies, and systems that promote discovery, dialogue, learning, and the nourishment of the human spirit.

Website Accessibility Statement

Florida Institute of Technology is committed to university-wide Web Accessibility. Likewise, as stated in the American Library Association's Core Values of Librarianship, Evans Library is committed to ensuring the Library's website and resources are equally and equitably accessible to all users. For this reason, the Library is continually working toward improving web accessibility. Feedback, suggestions and comments are welcome.  

The Library website includes links to third-party resources, ebooks, articles, databases, etc. whose content we do not manage. If you discover any content that is not accessible, please contact the Dean of Libraries, Evans Library, first floor, #104. 321-674-7542. 

Please provide the web address (URL) of the page(s) where you find the problem, a description of the issue, and your name and email. For broader questions or assistance with web accessibility, please contact the university web team.  

Strategic Goals

  1. Ensure access to the scholarly records needed for the Florida Tech community and provide services to support learning and the full cycle of research and scholarly exchange.

  2. Enhance the on-campus experience through transformed library services and renovation of library spaces to meet reflective and collaborative work and study needs.

  3. Promote an organizational culture of transparency, fluidity and innovation, and build better capabilities for managing learning and development to enable the Library's faculty and staff to succeed in a changing environment.


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