Print Donation Acceptance Policy

Date of Last Review: March 18, 2022 

This policy specifically addresses donations of books, journals, magazines, and other tangible print materials to Evans Library's research collection. This policy does not address archival gifts to the Harry P. Weber University Archives and Special Collections.

Mission and Scope of Interest

The Evans Library is the research library of the Florida Institute of Technology, a Carnegie Foundation-classified Doctoral Research Intensive, STEM-dominant research university. The mission of this library is to mirror in content and access the research interests and information needs of the Florida Tech academic community, as befits its status as a nationally and internationally recognized Tier-1 research university.

The research collection contains scholarly information in the sciences, engineering, aeronautics, business, psychology, and the humanities.

Criteria for Accepting Donations

The Evans Library accepts donations of relevant materials that improve the quality of the research collection in service to the university’s mission. While donated items are free in the sense that the library does not pay for them, there are processing costs involved. Cataloging, labeling, and ongoing space commitments are just a few of the costs involved for library materials.  All of the following criteria must be met for items to be accepted:

  1. Only donations from individuals affiliated with Florida Institute of Technology (faculty, emeritus faculty, staff, students, and alumni) will be accepted.  This does not apply to special and rare collections that are often donated by members of the community and university supporters.
  2. The materials must immediately and directly support the university’s goals of academic excellence, preeminent research, and original scholarship.
  3. The materials must add value to and enrich the research collection, adding resources suitable for teaching, research, and original scholarship by faculty, students, and other Library patrons.
  4. Donations must be appropriate for immediate integration into the Library’s research collection and access by faculty and students. Library storage space is not available. 
  5. Materials must be in good condition. Books with mold and mildew will not be accepted.
  6. To donate rare, antiquarian, or collectible books, inscribed first editions, or similar materials not appropriate for open stacks, contact the University Archivist
  7. The library does not issue tax letters for charitable donations. If requested, contact the Office of Development. 
  8. The university becomes the owner of all donated materials upon receipt and, as such, reserves the right to determine its retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to its use, maintenance, or removal.
  9. A donation of a journal not already in the collection will not be accepted unless there is a complete run of 10 years or more.
  10. Duplicates of materials already in the collection are generally not accepted.
  11. Donations of greater than 5 items must include a list of titles, authors, and ISBN information for each item.

The Dean of Libraries reserves the right to grant exceptions to this policy.

To discuss a possible donation of materials for the research collection, please contact Ask A Librarian.


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