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Online Collections

The primary objective in providing access to Florida Tech’s online digital resources is for educational and research purposes. Collection Guides, known also as finding aids, are textual descriptions of collections, their contents and scope, date ranges, subject matter, and who created the materials. Digital Collections contain full-text digitized versions of original materials such as photographs, letters, audio recordings, etc.


University Archives

The collections below document the history of Florida Tech from the time it was founded in 1958 as Brevard Engineering College to today.

  Discovery: Florida Tech. This is a collection of the annual research magazine of Florida Institute of Technology. The complete collection includes 21 issues from the first issue published in 2000 to the present.
  Campus Observer. This is a collection of the newsletter for Florida Tech faculty and staff produced by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Originally called Tech Talk, the collection dates from 1995 to 2011. Some issues are available here.
  College of Aeronautics. This collection contains records primarily covering the period from 1968 to 1995. This limited collection consists mostly of ephemera, publications, and documents illustrating the history and development of the Florida Tech College of Aeronautics.
  Crimson. This collection of the Florida Tech student-run newspaper includes 831 issues dating from the second issue in 1968 to the present.
  Jensen Beach Campus. This collection of records contains administrative documents related to the acquisition, operation, closure, and sale of the Jensen Beach Campus by Florida Tech from 1977 to 2001. View collection items here.
  Kaleidoscope. This collection contains Florida Tech’s literary magazine series produced by students under sponsorship of College of Psychology and Liberal Arts faculty from 1995-present. It includes short stories, poetry, photography, and artwork from Florida Tech undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff.
  Lynn Edward Weaver. This collection holds documents, correspondence, photographs, award, certificates, video, and audio recordings relating to Dr. Weaver, President Emeritus of Florida Tech. The collection is comprised of documents from Weaver’s life, academic career, research, and work. The bulk of the collection dates from 1965 to 2002.
  Ocean Engineering and Sciences Department. This collection of records contains documents related to the Ocean Engineering and Sciences Department of Florida Tech and its precursors: Hydrospace Technical Institute, School of Marine and Environmental Technology, and the Department of Marine and Environmental Science. The documents include operational records, pamphlets, and campus publications from the late 1960s through 2000. View collection items here.
  Oral Histories. This collection includes 2 oral history series. The Pioneer Series includes interviews with early Florida Tech Administration, Trustees, Faculty, Staff, and affiliates recorded between 2006-2009. The Florida Tech Oral History Series includes recent interviews from 2016-present.
  Theta Xi Fraternity. This collection contains records of Delta Delta Tau at Florida Tech (1967-1973), their reunion events (2003-2013), and material from the Gamma Beta Chapter of Theta Xi (1973-c.2001). In 1972, Delta Delta Tau affiliated with the Theta Xi National Fraternity and became the Gamma Beta Chapter. The collection includes administrative records, memorabilia, membership and activity records, and awards.
  University of Melbourne. This collection contains materials relating to the University of Melbourne, FL and the personal papers of Ralph Borsodi, Chancellor of University of Melbourne with the bulk of material dating from 1945-1958.
  WFIT.  This collection contains documents and recordings from the WFIT radio station based on the Florida Institute of Technology’s Campus. WFIT began broadcasting in 1975 as a student-run station. It continues to operate as an NPR affiliate station. The collection includes items generated from WFIT’s operations and events from 1975-present, such as photos, sound recordings, correspondence, promotional posters and program guides.


Special Collections

  Congressman Dave Weldon M.D. This collection holds the material collected and created during Dave Weldon’s tenure in the United States Congress (1995-2008). The collection includes legislative Bills and related research, correspondence between Weldon and other lawmakers and government officials, and a sampling of Weldon's daily congressional calendar and invitations.
  Edmund Skellings. This collection holds materials related to Dr. Skellings’ (Poet Laureate of Florida 1980-2012) academic lecture notes and articles; literary manuscripts and performances; business contacts and patents; and personal letters and photographs from 1932-2015. The collection includes recordings, poetry readings, and lectures. View collection items here.
  Edwin A. and Marion C. Link. This collection holds documents, blueprints, charts, maps, manuscripts, and letters about Ed Link's engineering research as a pioneer in  flight simulation and underwater exploration. Marion Clayton Link worked with her husband and chronicled their lives with special emphasis on his engineering innovations and expeditions.  View collection items here.
  General John Bruce Medaris. This collection includes artifacts, daily military journals from 1942-1962, related biographies, historical scrapbooks, framed photographs, informative booklets, invitations, letters, memos, newspaper clippings, newspaper articles, speeches, World War II army reports, correspondence, rocket models, awards, films, and other memorabilia. The collection covers 1940-1985.
  Radiation Inc. Archives. This is an aggregate of individual collections donated by employees and family members of Radiation, Inc. founded in Melbourne, Florida, 1950. These collections include: A. B. Amis PapersFrank A. Perkins PapersJamie Cox PapersNancye Meyers PapersSmall Collections, and the Ray Penn Papers. Radiation, Inc. specialized in advanced radio communications. Harris Corporation acquired Radiation, Inc. in 1967. These collections together cover 1950-1975.  View items from all Radiation Inc. collections here.
  Scott J. Frisch. This collection from a Florida Tech alumnus holds documents produced during the development of NASA and the aerospace industry during the 1980s through early 2000s. The collection includes engineering booklets, fact sheets, newsletters, NASA photographs, artwork inspired by the cosmos, physical objects, memorabilia, documents and personal journals. View items from the Scott J. Frisch collection here.
  William G. Roy. This collection about a Florida Tech alumnus covers 1951-2009 and includes  correspondence, awards, and institutional data. This collection relates to the Battle of Midway (World War II) and the launch of Florida Tech’s Masters program in Contract and Acquisition Management, which Roy led from 1965-1970.


Rare Books

  Rare Books. The Library’s collection of Rare Books includes rare and unusual items, first editions, and signed copies of various bound volumes including a 445 year-old copy of the Works of Geofrey Chaucer printed by John Stow in 1561. Included in the Works is Chaucer’s famous Canterbury Tales. Ask at the iDesk for more information, or visit the online catalog to learn about the Rare Books at Evans Library.
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