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Kristin Heifner


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Course Reserves 

Reserve items, whether they are textbooks, photocopies, journals, homework problems or DVDs, provide students with continuous access to materials they need for their studies. All items on the reserve shelf have limited, in-house checkout periods to ensure equal access for all students. 

Items may be placed on reserve by instructors, academic departments or by the library. Instructors and academic departments may place items on reserve at any time during the semester although most reserves are typically added at the beginning of each semester for continuity of access. 

Library reserves are pulled from the stacks at the beginning of each semester and are based upon the textbook requests submitted to the bookstore. Some library books may be placed on permanent reserve due to cost or high usage. 

  1. Please complete the Instructor Reserve Form and submit it with the material to be placed on reserve.
  2. When applicable, a copyright release waiver must be signed. Please see copyright guidelines for further information.

Please allow three days for reserve items to be processed. At the end of the semester, you will receive an email notification regarding the status of your reserve, unless you have indicated that you wish the item to remain on reserve for the following semester. Due to space restrictions, items on permanent reserve may be removed due to low circulation statistics. 


The following items do not need a signed Copyright Release Waiver:

  • Books, journals, or videotapes purchased by Florida Institute of Technology, or an instructor.
  • Material for which the instructor holds the copyright, such as instructor notes, quizzes, exams, and homework solutions.
  • Works for which copyright has expired, or for which no copyright protection exists.
  • Federal government publications.
  • Single photocopies of the following items (placed on reserve for one course for one semester only):
    • A (short) chapter from a book.
    • An article from a periodical or newspaper.
    • A short story, essay or poem.
    • A chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical or newspaper.

The library is not responsible for obtaining copy permission. Individual instructors must assure that copyright requirements are met. For additional information on copyright, the following resources are recommended:

Library staff will make every effort to safeguard reserve materials, and all materials submitted will be affixed with a barcode and security stripping. However, please note that the Evans Library cannot assume liability for damage or loss of materials.