Rooms & Study Spaces

Evans Library offers several rooms for group study, conferencing, and instruction. See below for equipment provisions and reservability.  Make a same-day reservation with our touchscreen room reservation system located in the library lobby.

Please be aware that the room key will only be checked out to the person whose name appears on the reservation.

If the key is not checked out within 15 minutes of the reservation start time, the room reservation will automatically be cancelled. 

Room Photo Projector Computer Equipment Capacity Reservable
204 - Link Room Link Multimedia Room No 86" ClearTouch Interactive Display Whiteboard  32 Yes
217 - Conference Room  Yasuhara Wakura Conference Room Yes Instructor Workstation
10 Yes
223 - Small Group Study Room
  No No
None 4
303 - Group Study Room
No No Whiteboard  10 No
308 N/S -309 N/S
Group Study Rooms
  No 309 N only
Whiteboard  6 No
310 - Collaborative Study Room Collaborative Study Room No 55" ClearTouch
Whiteboard 12 Yes
311 - Presentation Practice Room Presentation Practice Room No 65" ClearTouch
Whiteboard 8 Yes
410 - The Baney Room Baney Room - Rm. 410 No Mondopad touchscreen computer Whiteboards (2) 10 Yes