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25th Anniversary of FIT's Internet Connectivity

  on November 7, 2013

Student Team who wired FIT's residance halls in 1996

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, forty faculty, students, staff, and community members gathered together to recall the events that led to Florida Institute of Technology’s Internet connectivity 25 years ago.

Co-sponsor Dr. Sohair Wastawy, Dean of Libraries, welcomed the group and co-sponsor Eric Kledzik, Vice President, Information Technology, introduced the panel:

  • Dee Dee Pannell
  • Deborah Anderson
  • Charles Fulton

  • Michael Gallo

  • Terry Oswalt

  • William Shoaff

Florida Institute of Technology News Release "Celebrating 25 Years of Interconnectivity Nov. 7"

Florida Tech's News Release

Video of "Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of FIT's Internet Connectivity"

WFIT Podcast of 50th Anniversary as FDLP

Click on the image above to go to the video of "Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of FIT's Internet Connectivity."

Florida Tech's Physics and Space Sciences Department

FL Tech's Physics & Space Sciences Department

(front to back) Nicole Silvestri (Ph.D. FIT 2003), Kyler Kuehn, and Kate Davis

This photograph shows the first time Florida Tech’s Physics & Space Sciences department remotely observed at Kitt Peak National Observatory (AZ) from the FIT campus. The connection was enabled by the early FIT Internet service via the campus’s original GatorBox.

Kuehn and Davis were summer interns from other colleges who worked with Dr. Terry Oswalt under the NSF internship program.

Class C IP Address Registration

Class C IP Address page 1

Click on the image above to see the registration form for the Class C IP address for Florida Institute of Technology on November 2, 1988.

Florida Tech's Network Circa 1989

FL Tech's Network circa 1989

Florida Tech's Network Circa 1989-90

FL Tech's Network circa 1989-90 pg 1
FL Tech's Network circa 1989-90 pg 2

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