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October 2013 - Ongoing

Dr. Wastawy & James Pruitt

Dean of Libraries Dr. Sohair Wastawy and Board of Trustees member James Pruit enjoyed a festive opening reception hosted by the Evans Library to celebrate the launch of the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts Research Showcase. The reception was well-attended by members of the Board of Trustees, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts faculty, students, staff, and others.

The latest installment of the Evans Library's Florida Tech Research Showcase, an ongoing exhibit in the Evans Library, features scholarly activity and research related to the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts.

Included are:

  • an a*MAZE*ing Human Experience maze
  • Helmets: Discoveries and Connections
  • books and journal articles by college faculty
  • an exhibit of affiliated research methods, including a psycho-galvanometer (lie detector) and a depth perception apparatus
  • United States Army Fitness and related research
  • free online screenings
  • campus Institutional Review Board information
  • the library’s Research Guides and MUCH more!

The a*MAZE*ing Human Experience

Front of CoPLA maze

Entrance to the a*MAZE*ing Human Experience maze at the Evans Library.
Journal Covers 1
Journal Covers 2
Journal Covers 3
The entrance to the maze is filled with copies of journal covers representing the research and scholarly work in the College of Psychology & Liberal Arts.

Back of maze

Collage created by senior Katie Broderick, which is showcased on the outside of the maze.

The maze consists of 5 subsections of the Human Experience. They include "Understanding the Human Experience," "Culture and the Human Experience," "Communicating the Human Experience," "The Dark Side of the Human Experience," and " Enhancing the Human Experience." Each of these sections showcase a different facet of the research done by the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts.

Understanding the Human Experience

Understanding the Human Experience

























Understanding 1

Understanding 2

Understanding 3

Understanding 4

Understanding 5

Culture and the Human Experience

Culture and the Human Experience

Culture 1 Culture 2
Showcase panel left
Showcase panel right

Communicating the Human Experience

Communicating the Human Experience


Communicating the Human Experience 1

Communicating the Human Experience 2

Communicating the Human Experience 3

Communicating the Human Experience 5

Communicating the Human Experience 6

Communicating the Human Experience 3

Communicating the Human Experience 4


The Dark Side

Dark Side


Dark Side 1 Dark Side 2
Dark Side 3 Dark Side 5
Dark Side 4 Dark Side 6

Enhancing the Human Experience

Enhancing the Human Experience


Enhancing the Human Experience 1

Enhancing the Human Experience 2
Enhancing the Human Experience 4 Enhancing the Human Experience 3
Enhancing the Human Experience 5 Enhancing the Human Experience 6
  Enhancing the Human Experience 7

Publication Outlets for CoPLA Researchers

Publication Outlets
Display case featuring publications by the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts faculty.
Publication Outlets 2 Publication Outlets 1
Publication Outlets 3 Publication Outlets 4
Publication Outlets 5 Publication Outlets 6
Publication Outlets 7 Publication Outlets 8

Helmets and CoPLA Research: Discoveries and Connections

Helmet Display
Display of the many different helmets used in the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts research.
Helmet Display 1 Helmet Display 2
Helmet Display 4 Helmet Display 3
Helmet Display 5 Helmet Display 6

ROTC and Research Guides Display Case

2a 2b

Research Methods Display Case

Research Methods Case
Research Methods Case 1 Research Methods Case 2
Research Methods Case 3 Research Methods Case 4
Research Methods Case 5

Lafayette Instrument Corp Student Laboratory Psychogalvanometer (Lie Detector)

Research Methods Case 6 Research Methods Case 7

Free Online Screenings courtesy of FIT Counseling and Psychological Services

Free Screenings

To participate in free anonymous online screenings for depression, alcohol, and eating disorders, click link: http://www.mentalhealthscreening.org/screening/?keyword=floridatech


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February 19, 2014

CoPLA Opening Reception

Refreshments are served!Debbie LelekisSuzy Kozaitis next to her Open Access display
L to R: Vanessa Edkins, Jessica Wildman, Erin Richard, and Lisa SteelmanL to R: Heidi Hatfield Edwards, Rebecca Weber, and Jamie Younkin
Kathy Turner and Lisa Steelman
L to R: Robert Taylor, Debbie Lelekis, and Lisa PetrilloRobert Taylor and Heidi Hatfield EdwardsL to R: Radhika Krishnamurthy, Vanessa Edkins, Gretchen Sauerman, Kathy Turner, Heidi Hatfield Edwards, and Jamie Younkin