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April 2010 - November 2010

Board of Trustees

Dean Gordon Nelson, Trustee Erik Joh, President Anthony Catanese, and Trustee Kenneth Revay stopped near the Physics & Space Sciences exhibit that features research on lightning, high energy physics, and astronomy/astrophysics.

"On Friday, April 30th, Dean of Libraries Dr. Celine Lang hosted a reception celebrating the launch of the Evans Library's brand-new Florida Tech Research Showcase – College Series. This ongoing cycle of displays focuses on a sampling of the research conducted in each Florida Tech college. The essential scholarly information resources required for the research, the wide range of publications resulting from the research, and the high-quality relevant bibliographic databases will be featured.

On hand to see the first in the series, the College of Science, were Florida Tech Board of Trustees members and associated researchers. Organized by its departments, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Physics & Space Sciences, and Science & Mathematics Education, the exhibit amply demonstrates international collaborations and far-reaching scientific applications that result in higher quality of life, health, security, teaching, learning, environment, and understanding..." —May 2010 Information Links.

Biological Sciences





View the Global Climate Change slideshow that accompanied the Library display.

Key Databases — Biological Sciences

Library Materials Featured in the Biological Sciences Display

Aronson, R. B., Thatje, S., Clarke, A., Peck, L. S., Blake, D. B., Wilga, C. D., Seibel, B. A., & Aronson, R. B. (2007). Climate change and invasibility of the antarctic benthos. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 38, 129 -154.

Bush, M. B. (2003). Ecology of a changing planet. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall.

Bush, Mark B. & Flenley, John R. (2007). Tropical rainforest responses to climatic change. New York: Springer.

Carroll, D. J. (2008). Microinjection: Methods and applications.New York: Springer.

Edwards, S. F., Sirito, M., Krahe, R., & Sinden, R. R. (2009). A Z-DNA sequence reduces slipped-strand structure formation in the myotonic dystrophy type 2 (CCTG) x (CAGG) repeat. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 106(9), 3270-3275.

Ehlinger, G. S., & Tankersley, R. A. (2006). Endogenous rhythms and entrainment cues of larval activity in the horseshoe crab limulus polyphemus. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 337(2), 205-214.

Ellis, J. (1786). The natural history of many curious and uncommon zoophytes, collected from various parts of the globe. Encyclopedia of microbiology (2000). San Diego: Academic Presds.

Leonard, A. C., & Grimwade, J. E. (2005). Building a bacterial orisome: Emergence of new regulatory features for replication origin unwinding. Molecular Microbiology, 55(4), 978-985.

Leonard, A. C., Grimwade, J. E., & Leonard, A. C. (2009). Initiating chromosome replication in E. coli: It makes sense to recycle. Genes & Development. 23, 1145-1150.

López-Duarte, P. C., & Tankersley, R. A. (2007). Circatidal swimming behaviors of fiddler crab uca pugilator larvae from different tidal regimes. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 207-220.

Luck, Gary W., et al. (2009). Quantifying the contribution of organisms to the provision of ecosystem services. BioScience. 59(3), 223-235.

McGarry, K. C., Ryan, V. T., & Grimwade, J. E. (2004). Two discriminatory binding sites in the escherichia coli replication origin are required for DNA strand opening by initiator DnaA-ATP. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 101(9), 2811-2816.

Pernisova, M. (2009). Cytokinins modulate auxin-induced organogenesis in plants via regulation of the auxin efflux Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 106(9), 3609-3614.

Pruett, C., Arcese, P., Chan, Y., Wilson, A., Patten, M., Keller, L., & Winker, K. (2008). The effects of contemporary processes in maintaining the genetic structure of western song sparrows (melospiza melodia). Heredity, 101(1), 67.

Sinden, R. R. (1994). DNA structure and function. San Diego: Academic Press.

Thompson, D. M. (2009). Corals escape bleaching in regions that recently and historically experienced frequent thermal stress. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 276(1669), 2893-2901.

Wainwright, P. C., & Turingan, R. G. (1997). Evolution of pufferfish inflation behavior. Evolution, 51(2), 506-518.

William, F. P., & Richard, B. A. (2004). Climate flickers and range shifts of reef corals. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 2(6), 307-314.



pharmaceutical Development



Dr. Virender Sharma has done extensive research on ferrate-iron and oxygen-based environmentally friendly compounds, green synthesis, and antimicrobial activities.


Dr. Joshua Rokach has received worldwide recognition for the first syntheses of major inflammatory mediators such as leukotrienes and lipoxins that are responsible for diseases such as allergies of the lung and nose (asthma, rhinitis) and play a major role in diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases.

Key Databases — Chemistry

Library Materials Featured in the Chemistry Display

Anquandah, George A. K. and Sharma, Virender K. (2009) Oxidation of octylphenol by ferrate(VI). Journal of Environmental Science & Health, Part A: Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering. 44(1), 62-6.

Eng, Yong Yong, Sharma, Virender K, and Ray, Ajay K. (2006). Ferrate(VI): Green chemistry oxidant for degradation of cationic surfactant. Chemosphere. 63(10), 1785-90.

Jain, Amita, Sharma, Virender K., and Odemari S. and Mbuya. (2009). Removal of arsenite by Fe(VI), Fe(VI)/Fe(III), and Fe(VI)/Al(III) salts: Effect of pH and anions. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 169 , 339-344.

Lawson, J. A., Rokach, J., and FitzGerald, G. A. (1999). Isoprostanes: Formation, analysis and use as indices of lipid peroxidation in vivo. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 274(35), 24441-4.

Li, Hongwei, et al. (1999). Quantitative high performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometric analysis of the four classes of F2 in human urine. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 96(23 ), 13381-13386.

Macova, Zuzana, et al. (2009). Research progress in the electrochemical synthesis of ferrate(VI). Electrochimica Acta. 54(10), 2673-2683.

Noorhasan, Nadine N. and Sharma, Virender K. (2008). Kinetics of the reaction of aqueous iron(VI) (FeVIO42-) with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Dalton Transactions, 1883-1887.

Noorhasan, Nadine, Patel, Bhavesh, and Sharma, Virender K. (2010). Ferrate(VI) oxidation of glycine and glycylglycine: Kinetics and products. Water Research. 44(3), 927-35.

Perfiliev, Yurii D., et al. (2007). Formation of iron(VI) in ozonalysis of iron(III) in alkaline solution. Inorganica Chimica Acta. 360(8), 2789-91.

Pratico, Domenico, et al. (1998). IPF2a-I: An index of lipid peroxidation in humans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 95(7), 3449-3454.

Pudukulathan, Zubaidha, et al. (1998). Diels-Alder approach to isoprostanes. Total synthesis of iPF2a-V. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 120(46), 11953-11961.

Rokach, J. (1989). Leukotrienes and Lipoxygenases: Chemical, Biological and Clinical Aspects. New York: Elsevier Science Pub. Co.

Sharma, V. K., Jiang J.-Q., Bouzek K. (eds.). (2004). Innovative ferrate (VI) technology in water and wastewater treatment. Prague: ICT Press.

Sharma, V. K. (2007). Disinfection performance of Fe(VI) in water and wastewater: A review. Water Science & Technology. 55(1), 225-32.

Sharma, Virender K. and Cabelli, Diane.(2009). Reduction of oxyiron(V) by sulfite and thiosulfate in aqueous solution. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 113(31), 8901-8906.

Sharma, Virender K., et al. (2009). Ferrate(VI) enhanced photocatalytic oxidation of pollutants in aqueous TiO2 suspensions. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 17(2), 453-461.

Sharma, Virender K., Mishra, Santosh K., and Nesnas, Nasri. Oxidation of sulfonamide antimicrobials by Ferrate(VI) [FeVIO42-]†. Environmental Science & Technology. 40(23), 7222-7227.

Sharma, Virender K. (2008). Ferrates: Synthesis, properties, and applications in water and wastewater treatment. ACS Symposium Series, 524.

Sharma, Virender K., et al. (2009). Nonylphenol, octylphenol, and bisphenol-a in the aquatic environment: A review on occurrence, fate, and treatment. Journal of Environmental Science & Health, Part A: Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering. 44(5), 423-42.

Sharma, Virender K., and. Graham, Nigel J. D. (2010). Oxidation of amino acids, peptides and proteins by ozone: A review. Ozone: Science & Engineering. 32(2), 81-90.

Sharma, Virender K., et al. Ferrates (Iron(VI) and Iron(V)): Environmentally Friendly Oxidants and Disinfectants. Journal of Water & Health 3.1 (2005): 45-58.

Sharma, Virender K., et al. Ferrate(VI) Oxidation of Endocrine Disruptors and Antimicrobials in Water. Journal of Water Supply: Research & Technology-AQUA 57.6 (2008): 419-26.

Sharma, Virender K., et al. Dissociation Constants of Protonated Cysteine Species in Seawater Media. Marine Chemistry 99.1-4 (2006): 52-61.

Sharma, Virender K. Oxidation of Nitrogen-Containing Pollutants by Novel Ferrate(VI) Technology: A Review. Journal of Environmental Science & Health, Part A: Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering 45.6 (2010): 645-67.

Sharma, Virender K.. Oxidative Transformations of Environmental Pharmaceuticals by Cl2, ClO2, O3, and Fe(VI): Kinetics Assessment. Chemosphere 73.9 (2008): 1379-86.

Sharma, Virender K. (2002). Potassium Ferrate(VI): An environmentally friendly oxidant. Advances in Environmental Research. 6(2), 143-56.

Tölgyesi, Ádám, et al. (2010). Simultaneous determination of corticosteroids, androgens, and progesterone in river water by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Chemosphere. 78(8), 972-9.

Vazquez, Felipe G., and Sharma, Virender K. (2004). Major and trace elements in sediments of the campeche sound, southeast Gulf of Mexico. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 48(1-2), 87-90.

Yngard, Ria, et al. (2007)Ferrate(VI) Oxidation of zinc-cyanide complex. Chemosphere. 69(5 ), 729-35.

Mathematical Sciences



Dr. Ravi Agarwal has been named by Thomson Scientific the second-most-cited mathematician.

Abdulla Koksal

Dr. Ugur Abdulla and Dr. Semen Köksal stand before the Mathematical Sciences Library display. In 2008, the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences announced Dr. Abdulla's research as one of the eleven most significant advances in all branches of mathematics.

View the Mathematical Biology slideshow that accompanied the Library display.

Key Databases — Mathematical Sciences

Library Materials Featured in the Mathematical Sciences Display

Abdulla, U.G. (2008). Wiener's criterion at ∞ for the heat equation and its measure-theoretical counterpart. Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences, AIMS, 15, 44-51.

Abdulla, U.G. (2008). Wiener's criterion at ∞ for the heat equation. Advances in Differential Equations, 13, 457-488.

Agarwal, R. P. (1998). Focal boundary value problems for differential and difference equations. Boston: Kluwer Academic.

Agarwal, R. P., O'Regan, D., & Wong, P. J. Y. (1999). Positive solutions of differential, difference and integral equations. Boston: Kluwer Academic.

Dshalalow, J. (2007). Characterization of modulated cox measures on topological spaces. International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Statistics, 11(N07), 21-37.

Dshalalow, Jewgeni H. (2001). Real analysis: An introduction to the theory of real functions and integration. Boca Raton: Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Lakshmikantham, V., Bhaskar, T. G., & Vasundhara Devi, J. (2006). Theory of set differential equations in metric spaces. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scientific Publishers.

Lakshmikantham, V., & Köksal, S. (2003). Monotone flows and rapid convergence for nonlinear partial differential equations. London: Taylor & Francis.

Lakshmikantham, V., Leela, S., & Vasundhara Devi, J. (2005). The origin and history of mathematics. Cottenham, Cambridge: Cambridge Scientific Publishers.

Journals Edited by the Florida Tech Faculty

Applicable Analysis: An International Journal

Applied Mathematics Letters: An International Journal of Rapid Publication

Communication in Applied Analysis: An International Journal for Theory and Applications

Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete, and Impulsive Systems. Series A, Mathematical Analysis

International Journal of Computer Mathematics

Journal of Inequalities and Applications

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis

Mathematical and Computer Modelling

Neural, Parallel, and Scientific Computations

Physics and Space Sciences





View the Physics and Space Sciences slideshow that accompanied the Library display.

View the Physics and Space Sciences photos that appeared in the display's digital photo frame.

View Dr. Joe Dwyer's Sept 24 Astronomy and Astrophysics Public Lecture, A Bolt from the Blue


 Key Databases — Physics and Space Sciences

 Library Materials Featured in the Physics and Space Sciences Display

Dwyer, J. R. (2005). A bolt out of the blue. Scientific American, 292(5), 64-71. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete.

Goddard Space Flight Center, & Space Telescope Science Institute (U.S.). Hubble ... science year in review. Greenbelt, Md.: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center : Space Telescope Science Institute.

Gosline, A. (2005). Thunderbolts from space. New Scientist, 186, 30-34. Retrieved from WilsonWeb OmniFile Full Text, Mega Edition.

Oswalt, Terry D. (Ed.) (2003). The future of small telescopes in the new millennium. Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Science and Mathematics Education



math education

Undergraduate research includes:

  • Improving critical thinking skills in a high school classroom
  • How can I modify teaching strategies to increase student engagement during lectures?
  • What effect will the use of teacher-generated critical thinking questions have on the quality of high school student work?
  • The effects of positive parental contact on student academic achievement and behavior
  • What instructional strategies can improve middle school students' academic independence?

Key Databases — Science and Mathematics Education

 Library Materials Featured in the Science and Mathematics Education Display

Clark, C. E. (2003). Elementary school teachers' attributes and third-grade students' performance on the mathematics component of the norm-referenced Florida comprehensive assessment test (FCAT): A causal model analysis. (Doctoral dissertation). Melbourne, FL: Florida Institute of Technology.

England, Y. A. (2007). Environmental service-learning programs in Florida high schools and colleges: Nature, status, and effects as determined by a statewide program census. The Journal of Environmental Education, 38(4), 51-60.

Gallo, M. A., and Odu, M. (2009). Examining the relationship between class scheduling and student achievement in college algebra. Community College Review, 36(4), 299-325.

Garner, L. C., and Gallo, M. A. (2005). Field trips and their effect on student achievements and attitudes. Journal of College Science Teaching, 34(5), 14-17.

Harvey, Robert Christopher. (2006). Student-generated illustrations and written narratives of biological science concepts: The effect on community college life science students' achievement in and attitudes toward science.(Doctoral dissertation). Melbourne, FL: Florida Institute of Technology.

Huang, C. (1999). Factors affecting teachers' attitudes toward computer use in Taiwan, republic of China. (Masters thesis). Melbourne, FL: Florida Institute of Technology.

Marcinkowski, T. J., South Florida Water Management District., Florida Institute of Technology., & National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (U.S.). (2000). The Everglades case study: An extended case study for the investigation of a threatened watershed and ecosystem: a student worktext. Melbourne, FL: Florida Institute of Technology.

Setek, W. M. and Gallo, Michael A. (2009). Fundamentals of mathematics. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Shimwooshili, S. C. N. (2006). Teaching desertification: An investigation of teacher and classroom attributes, instructional strategies, locus of control, attitudes, and self-efficacy of Namibian junior secondary school teachers. (Doctoral dissertation). Melbourne, FL: Florida Institute of Technology.

Stewart-Iles, G. (2009). Examining the interrelationships among students' personological characteristics, attitudes toward the unified modeling language, self-efficacy, and multiple intelligences with respect to student achievement in a software design methods course. (Doctoral dissertation). Melbourne, FL: Florida Institute of Technology.

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College of Science research is also featured in the Library's Complementarity: Growing Knowledge Together – Florida Tech and the U.S. Government display website.

This exhibit features information about government-funded research. Its theme, the rich interdependence of Florida Tech research and the federal government, uses the DNA double helix as a symbol. It illustrates the complex ties and intertwining between funding support by agencies of the U.S. government and the following:

  • Research of all kinds at Florida Tech
  • The creation of new knowledge from this research as reflected in government publications and patents by funded researchers
  • Florida Tech scholars' frequent use of government information in writing peer-reviewed articles

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