Sasha McInnes Display

December 2002- January 2003

This display highlighted many of the books donated to the Evans Library by Sasha McInnes. The books vary in subjects that include histories of the women's movement, art, witchcraft, mental well-being, feminism, the "men's movement," social change and visual arts. The collected works, which also address interests of clinicians, scholars, women and local artists, support the Florida Tech psychology and humanities curricula and research programs.


Dr. Juanita Baker helped the Evans Library acquire the Sasha McInnes Collection and was honored during a ceremony that celebrated the debut of the collection and display. During the ceremony, Dr. Celine Lang presented Dr. Baker with a certificate of appreciation for her role in bringing the collection to the Library. Mrs. Sara Catanese, Florida Tech's first lady, was also in attendance. Dr. Mary Beth Kenkel, Dean of Psychology, provided those in attendance with background information about Dr. Baker's work in obtaining the collection. Brenda Harris, Florida Tech director for development, facilitated the event.

Included in the display were a number of books related to art, as well a variety of other topics. Peruvian artwork decorated the display in honor of Sasha McInnes, who received much of her artistic training in Peru.

Books featured in the display (all books are located in the stacks):

Call Number Title
PR 9199.3 .B355 W47 1999 What The Body Remembers
BL 311 .L33 1968 c.2 New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology
PZ 8 .A54 R63 1973 v.1 Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales Book One
PZ 8 .A54 R63 1973 v.2 Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales Book Two
BF 1563.5 .D35 1987 Wickedary
ND 237 .B594 L86 1975 Isabel Bishop
ND 1329 .N36 H54 1983 Alice Neel
GR 830 .U6 H37 1984 The Unicorn
NK 3649.5 .R59 1973 Baskets as a Textile Art
HQ 1150 .B47 1982 The Eighteenth Century Woman
GR 550 .O6 1974 The Classic Fairy Tales
HQ 1413 .D23 D34 1992 Outercourse: The Be-Dazzling Voyage
PS 3569 .O45 S57 1989 Sisters of the Dream
TS 1109 .T596 1983 The Art of Papermaking
PR 6073 .E374 H4 1988 The Hearts and Lives of Men
BL 473.5 .B47 1985 The Goddess Obscured
PR 9199.3 .G767 B66 1989 The Book of Jessica
PS 3573 .A425 T46 1989 The Temple of My Familiar
TR 682 .W64 1970 Micro-Art
N 7435 .K59 1967 c.2 The Visual Dialogue
QE 714.3 .F5713 1978 Fossils of All Ages
HQ 1090 .K38 1993 Cracking the Armour
PS 3555 .A39 K44 1987 Keepers of the Fire
BF 1091 .C69 1975 Visions of the Night Dreams
BL 311 .I54 1974 The World's Mythology in Color
G 1148 .N67 1985 North of 50 Degrees
BL 900 .R56 1990 Celtic Myths and Legends

For additional information about this display, please review the Sasha McInnes Brochure.

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Created by Evans Library Instructional Programs:
Lois Crozier, Elisa Kermani, Joanne Savage, and Kathy Turner.