Beachcombing Display

November - December 2002

"Beachcombing" was the theme of the Evans Library's November 2002 display. The two-month display took viewers on a trip to the seashore, highlighting both natural and man-made beach accumulations. Featured books, periodical articles, and references to Internet resources encompassed everything from drift seeds to pollution to sea glass. Shells from the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems' renowned Holman family shell collection were included in this display, as were fossilized ghost crabs from the Department of Biological Sciences.

One highlight of the display was "Fred" the Ghost Crab (Ocypode quadrata).
Dr. Turner from the Bioligical Sciences Department donated this common beach creature.

Along with a number of print resources on various types of "sea wrack" and sea beans, the display included items related to beach pollution. One infamous item that received much attention was an old flip flop. This one item disturbed the almost perfect beauty of the display, helping to bring an awareness to the topic of marine pollution.

Books featured in the display:

Location Call Number Title and Author
Reference REF QL416 .A22 1995 Shells of the Atlantic & Gulf Coasts & the West Indies. R. Tucker Abbott and Percy A. Morris.
Reference REF QL404 .W955 1991 The Encyclopedia of Shells. Kenneth R Wye.
Reference REF QH105. F6 K38 1995 The Nature of Florida's Beaches. Kathie Katz.
Stacks QL406.5 .B47 1971 How to Clean Seashells. Eugene Bergeron.
Stacks QK660 .G84 1976 World Guide to Tropical Drift Seeds and Fruits. Charles R. Gunn & John V. Dennis.
Stacks QH95.7 S682 Southern Seashores: A World of Animals and Plants. William M. Stephens.
Stacks QL411 P5 Vol. I Pt. I Land Mollusca of North America: Vol. I Pt. I. Henry A. Pilsbry.
Stacks QL411 P5 Vol. II Pt. II Land Mollusca of North America: Vol. II Pt. II. Henry A. Pilsbry.
Stacks QL414 A2 American Seashells. R. Tucker Abbott.
Stacks QH91.5. Y6 1963 The Sea Shore. C.M. Yonge.
Stacks QH541.5 S35 E45 1971B Life in Mud and Sand. S.K. Eltringham.
Stacks QH95.1 .S65 c.2 Life on the Sea-Shore. A.J. Southward.
Stacks QH957 A7 1968 The Sea-Beach at Ebb-Tide. Augusta Foote Arnold.
Stacks QH91 .L427 1995 Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology. Jeffrey S. Levington.

Featured Internet "Sites By Discipline":

Florida's DEP's Beaches and Wetland Resources http://www.dep.state.fl.us/beaches/
Florida Tech Department of Biological Sciences http://www.fit.edu/biology/
Florida Tech Department of Marine and Environmental Systems http://www.fit.edu/AcadRes/dmes/

For additional information about this display, please review the Beachcombing Brochure.

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Created by Evans Library Instructional Programs:
Lois Crozier, Elisa Kermani, Joanne Savage, and Kathy Turner.