Former Presidents Display

August - September 2002

During August and September of 2002, the Evans Library paid tribute to the leadership of Florida Institute of Technology's three former presidents. In this display, biographical information and information resources highlighted the accomplishments of the late Dr. Jerome P. Keuper, the late Dr. John E. Miller, and Dr. Lynn E. Weaver.

Jerome F. Keuper
Florida Tech president from
1958 to 1986
John E. Miller
Florida Tech president from
1986 to 1987
Lynn E. Weaver
Florida Tech president from
1987 to 2002

On display in the case were photographs and other memorabilia from the Library's Special Collections. Included was a picture of Dr. Keuper shaking hands with John Evans. Evans donated a parcel of land to Florida Tech; the sale of that land generated the proceeds to build the Evans Library.

Books featured in the display case:

Location Call Number Title and Author
Stacks TK 9202 W39 Reactor Dynamics and Control. Lynn E. Weaver.
Stacks TK 9360 .E44 1972 Education and Research in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle. edited by David M. Elliott and Lynn E. Weaver.
Stacks PL 1273 .K48 1997 Chinese 1000: Idiomatic and Colloquial Expressions: Mandarin Chinese/English  Jerome P. Keuper.
Stacks LD 1771 .F65 P38 2000 Florida Institute of Technology: The College History Series. Gordon Patterson.
Stacks PC 4460 .K4X A Dictionary of Spanish Idiomatic Expressions. Jerome P. Keuper.

For additional information about this display, please review the Former Presidents Brochure. The brochure also includes biographical information on each of the former presidents.

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Created by Evans Library Instructional Programs:
Lois Crozier, Elisa Kermani, Joanne Savage, and Kathy Turner.