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March - April 2002

"HERSTORIES: Saluting Women's Contributions to the Sciences and the Arts" was the display in the Evans Library during March and April of 2002. In conjunction with Women's History Month, the first-floor display case featured books, government documents, periodical articles, and regalia that highlighted achievements of women in the sciences- behavorial, natural, physical, social, aeronautical, and applied-sciences and in the arts.

Location Call Number Title and Author
Stacks TL 540 .E3 A3 1975 The Fun of it: Random Records of my own Flying and of Women in Aviation.
Stacks TL 721 .E3 A35 Last Flight by Amelia Earhart.
Stacks QB 51.5 .W66 1993 Women in Astronomy: Proceedings of a Workshop held at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland September 8-9, 1992.
Stacks Q141 .B5285 2000 The Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science: Pioneering lives from Ancient Times to the mid-20th Century.
Stacks Q130 .Y46 1992 The Woman Scientist: Meeting the Challenges for a Successful Career.
Stacks EP 1.23'6:600/F-96/006 Women in Science and Engineering.
Stacks T14.5 .I58 1999 1999 International Symposium on Technology and Society: women and technology: historical, societal, and professional proceedings, 29-31 July 1999.
Stacks T174 .B451 2000 Engineering Tomorrow: Today's Technology experts envision the Next Century.
Stacks HQ1233 .C65 1996 Leading Women.
Stacks HQ 1410 .F47 1995 Feminist Foremothers in Women's Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health.
Stacks RC 451.4 .R43 R455 1992 Refugee Women and Their Mental Health: Shattered Societies, Shattered Lives.
Stacks BF 1566 .W734 1992 Riding the Nightmare: Women and Witchcraft from the Old World the Colonial Salem.
Stacks BF 1566 .B78 1989 The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries.
Stacks NX 653 .S68 D4 1987 The Desert is No Lady: Southwestern Landscapes in Women's Writing and Art.
Stacks PR 2802 .A2 R5 1954 Cleopatra: A Study in Politics and Propaganda.

Government documents featured in the display:

Call Number Title
PR 42.8: W 84 America's Commitment: Federal Programs Benefiting Women and New Initiatives as Follow-up to the UN Fourth World Conference on Women.
TD 4.2: W84 Women in Aviation and Space.
TD 4.25: W84/2 Women in Aviation- Aviation Careers Series.
SI 1.42: 2 United States Women in Aviation through WWI.
ED 1.310/2: 402226 Myself and Women Heroes in my World: Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Queen Liliuokalani, Amelia Earhart, Maria Tallchief, Sonia Manzano.


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Created by Evans Library Instructional Programs: Lois Crozier, Elisa Kermani, Joanne Savage, and Kathy Turner.