Spring 2020 Workshops

The DSL staff will present a series of workshops related to software and other opportunities in the Lab:

Introduction to D3

Learn how to use the D3 Javascript Library, a highly adaptable tool, to create amazing web pages. Preexisting knowledge of JavaScript will be helpful, but definitely not necessary.

Instructed by Rob Sippel.

Podcasting 101

Learn just how easy it is to record your own podcast in the Library DSL podcast studio. You will learn how to develop an idea, use the equipment and host your podcast for others to hear. The podcast studio is open and free for all students to use.

 Instructed by Jared Campbell and Martin Gallagher

Podcast planning forms:

Podcast Planning sheet use this form when planning the podcast.

Podcast Episode Planner use this for when planning to record an episode for your podcast.


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