Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl Cutting Services

As part of its mission, Evans Library strives to provide resources and services that support and advance education and scholarship.   A vinyl cutting machine was donated to the library by Dr. Jim Brenner.  The machine produces a wide range of vinyl lettering, pinstriping, and general signage.  Take your creative vision from your mind to ready-to-cut computer image file with an easily customizable and intuitive interface. 

Visit the CraftLab, Evans Library 142 to learn more.

Print sizes are subject to the following maximum dimensions:  maximum width = 24 inches; maximum length = 48 inches.

The following file types may be submitted for printing:  JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG.

To submit a vinyl cutting job to the library, complete the Vinyl Cutting Submission Form and send it with your file to . We will reply with the cost and an estimated print time within one day.  There is no charge for jobs less than $10.  All jobs $10 and up will be charged for the cost of materials only.  Once payment is received, we will add your job to the queue.  Projects will include transfer tape.


USCutter 34” MH 871 Vinyl Cutter

A picture of the vinyl cutter.

Vinyl Colors

Projects can only be printed in one color.  Color options are: White, Black, Yellow , Green, Red.


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