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The Harry P. Weber University Archives serves as the university's repository for non-current records of enduring value. The archives support research, access and preservation of its collections. The archives collects the following:
  • Items documenting university beginnings, growth and challenges
  • Items documenting key decisions affecting the future of the university
  • Items documenting the activities, history and culture of the university
  • Key functions of the university and its operations


The Harry P. Weber University Archives documents the essential functions and history of the Florida Institute of Technology and its impact on the community by collecting, preserving, and making available records of intrinsic value created by the university and its members including: departments and offices of the university; faculty, staff, and alumni of the university; and other affiliated entities or people as deemed appropriate.

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  • First donation - 37 cents
  • First classes held at Eau Gallie Junior High School - September 22, 1958
  • First chairman of the board, George Shaw
  • First board of trustees meeting - February 25, 1959
  • First degree, an associate's in engineering, awarded to Reagan Dubose - 1961
  • First honorary doctorate given to Astronaut Virgil "Gus" Grissom - 1962
  • First dormitory, Brownlie Hall - 1964
  • First yearbook, called the Erudition, published - 1968 (thereafter Ad Astra)
  • First vessel, Miss FIT, takes maiden voyage - 1968
  • First Faculty Senate meeting - January 13, 1970 (A. W. Revay, Jr., President)
  • First off-campus program launched (MSEE at Patuxent River Naval Aviation facility) - 1972
  • First woman appointed to the board of trustees - Mrs. John H. (Florence) Evans, Jr. - 1973
  • First football game - September 7, 2013

Academic Units

College of Engineering  Developed from Brevard Engineering College 1958
University Libraries and Archives Developed from BEC Technical Library 1961
College of Science and College of Psychology and Liberal Arts Developed from Institute of Space Technology and College of Liberal Arts 1962
College of Aeronautics Developed from Aerospace Technical Institute 1967
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business  Developed from School of Management and Humanities 1980
School of Computing Initially within College of Engineering
School of Human-Centered Design, Innovation and Art  Developed from Human-Centered Design Institute


Brevard Engineering College was founded on an idea. For the first 10 or 15 years, it remained a young university, still developing an identity. Its initial popularity and rapid growth meant the university was often redefining that identity, or not defining it at all as it struggled to keep up with its own success. More than once, the university reorganized itself, on paper or in practice, to reflect the realities of the school, the direction it was heading, and the goals of its leaders, founders, and pioneers. The structure was redefined to accommodate expectations, to meet the standards of its peers, and to more accurately reflect the work and quality of the programs.

As many people know, the college started with 37 cents- a small start for a school that was as plagued by financial concerns as it was celebrated for breaking new ground. As such, in those first few years the course offerings, programs, and departments shifted from year to year and documentation was sparse. This outline of academic units is based on the clearest and most objective criteria available given the resources at our disposal. This criteria does not attempt to interpret the intentions of the founders or classify programs based on modern groupings. This is the list of academic units as defined by the university itself. When a unit was set apart somehow from the jumble of departments and classes and programs and it evolved into one of the existing academic units: that first inception is the origin date cited here.

There are degree programs that are far older than the first academic unit devoted to that field, classes and faculty who represent subjects that have been a constant part of the university’s makeup since the beginning. Those early programs and courses of study are to be recognized as the essential character of the school, and a study of the origins and evolution of these programs and courses of study is underway and deserves its own history. This list merely traces the documented structure of the university that led to the current academic units.

Sources for this list come from course catalogs (1958-present), BEC and FIT Articles of Incorporation, course announcements, institutional overviews, and administrative documents. If you know of materials or documents to add to the story of FIT, please contact us at archives@fit.edu.


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