Student Library Advisory Council

The Florida Tech Libraries value students¹ input and invites them to become members of the Student Library Advisory Council.  The Council will strive to have representation for every college, for undergraduate and graduate students, for on campus and online, and for domestic and international students to inspire library improvements by engaging in dialog with library faculty, staff, and administration, by advocating on behalf of student needs, and by promoting the library¹s integration of multiple student perspectives.

Student input and support are critical to the Libraries’ ability to meet student needs. The Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC), a student-run committee, meets regularly to advise the library administration on matters regarding the Evans Library and to discuss and advise on issues that affect the quality of the student experience with Florida Tech Libraries’ services. The Dean of Libraries consults with the group chair and/or vice chair to develop agendas and to share information with Council members.

Please consider applying online today!