Library Liaisons

Our library liaisons are excellent research partners for our students, faculty, and staff. Find the liaison for your program below, and then feel free to schedule research help for yourself or instruction for your students.

Cheryl Davis

Ashley Huser
Behavior Analysis

Cheryl Davis
Criminal Justice
Distance Learning
Extended Studies
Linda Khan
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Suzy Kozaitis
Mathematical Sciences

Holly Miller
Biomedical Engineering

Biological Sciences

Chemical Engineering


David Lowe
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Systems
Suzanne Odom
College of Aeronautics

 Rob Sippel
Civil Engineering
Construction Management
Ocean Engineering & Sciences
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Chelsea Stripling
Physics & Space Sciences

  Nancy Garmer
    Nancy Garmer
Arts & Communication
Education & Interdisciplinary Studies
Human-Centered Design, Innovation & Art